Joe is a great person to work with. His sunny personality and great people skills compliment his ability to explain even the most technical details of a project to a non-technical person. As an IT person myself, I see this skill that Joe possesses to be priceless as the largest barrier between IT and Business is communication.” Ideaca logo
– Richard Singh, Infrastructure Consultant at Ideaca

Joe is a writer and communicator par excellence. His writing is direct and to the point but he adds in his own style and flair. The result is that anything he writes has poise, meaning and authority.
I love to read anything that he writes.
Anduro Marketing Blog
– Jeff Nelson,
President at Anduro Marketing

I needed help producing a basic web presence as soon as possible. I gave Joe a one month deadline and he had a workableO2 Group Logo solution sorted in two weeks. Having Joe on hand to help me further develop my web marketing has been tremendously helpful.
– Nicholas Despopoulos, Director at O2 Group

Joe has a very thorough understanding of both business and communication, which he utilizes effectively to capture the readers’ attention and to get his message across and understood. Most importantly, he understands the role of marketing
to drive sales and client success…

Joe’s combination of creative impulse and analytical mindset allowed him to contribute to our marketing efforts in many ways, from the strategic level to project management and [marketing] production…Joe’s understanding of different aspects of Marketing Communications strengthened the foundation of our marketing efforts, and brought new possibilities to light through his knowledge of online marketing in particular. His research, analysis, and recommendations will have a direct impact on our ongoing marketing strategy and the platforms through which it is carried out.

More directly, Joe made a number of valuable contributions during the process of our re-branding effort in the last half of 2009, including instructing some of our technical teams in the area of business writing. I will remember Joe not only for the skills he brought to Long View’s marketing team, but for his professionalism, his candor and integrity, and his strong work ethic. Long View Systems – Souzan Basmahjian, (former) Manager of Marketing & Communications
at Long View Systems

Joe is an excellent writer with the ability to engage an audience with his passion, dedication, and constant drive for innovation in his work.” – Roberto Trimboli, Senior Tax Analyst at IntuitIntuit Small Business Rejoice Home

Joe is an excellent writer who manages to make the most [challenging] of subject matters into something exciting and easy to understand.”
– Heide Calderon Ghelfi, Documentation Consultant at CG Consulting

We were able to offer a much wider range of services due to Joe’s expertise in search engine marketing. With Joe’s understanding of the different aspects of Marketing Communications, as well as previous teaching experience, Joe became an integral part of our [marketing] course…I can honestly say that in my five years of managing In Other Words, Joe Armstrong has been one of the most professional writers and teachers that have worked for the company. In addition, he is always a pleasure to have in the office, a quick smile and a very agreeable attitude.” – Larry Rosenfeld, General Manager at In Other Words


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