A Few Words About: Social Media Statistics

Less than six months ago the following  statistics were reported by the eMarketing Association:

  • 695 MILLION – Number of Facebook users
  • 148+ MILLION – Number of LinkedIn users
  • 140 MILLION – Number of tweets created each day
  • 2.5 BILLION – Number of visits Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together received in one month alone
  • 164 MILLION – Number of active blogs

According to the latest figures made public by the sites themselves, Facebook (preparing for it’s upcoming IPO) now has more than 800 million users. Somewhat strangely, LinkedIn lists only 135 million users, a difference of more than 10 million from the eMarketing data. Also curious is the fact there there seems to be no change in the average number of daily tweets. While traffic to all three platforms remains high, YouTube has recently been making significant gains, accounting for 25% of visits to social networking sites (Source: Experian Hitwise) and seeing a 1.4% increase in traffic in November 2011. In comparison, Facebook’s traffic dropped 1.3% to 51.3% of visits in December. Lastly, as of November 2011, BlogPulse estimates that there are over 175 million active blogs out there. Of course, Google+ is the new kid on the block, attracting approximately 25m users in its first month of public availability. Pop star Britney Spears became the first person to hit 1m followers on Google+ on Friday, 16 December 2011. Most recently estimates suggest a user base of more than 50 million.

While the use of social media continues to grow, as do the relevant business cases, it’s important to take note of trends and be on the lookout for innovations in the social space, particularly as the major platforms seem to be approaching a plateau. Most importantly, when considering the use of social media as part of an integrated/multi-channel marketing strategy, be sure to do your research. Learn which vehicles are being used by your audience and in what ways. Tailoring your approach to fit both the needs/wants of your audience and the strengths of individual platforms is the best approach. C4 Solutions offers the marketing and technical insight you need to ensure success in the arena of social media marketing. Contact us today to find out how or request a FREE SEM Readiness Assessment.



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