One Response to A Few Words About: Branding

  1. When you publicize your organization using traditional
    media, you are trying to get publicity for your company in media outlets that consumers may
    choose to read, listen to, or view in the hopes that they will notice
    and pay attention to information that is included about
    your organization. When someone likes you on Facebook or
    follows you on Twitter, they’re giving you access to their time.

    The second way of getting high paying social media clients is to simply work your local businesses and present yourself as the
    person that will help them with their social media
    marketing for a fee. Each initiative that comprises the marketing plan must then have a pre-established audience profile, outreach, value proposition,
    and budget that you are willing to spend. You’ll also have to
    remember that image control is a huge issue. Once this happens,
    you can have Google send you a notice that your account was
    marked inactive. These scenarios only scratch the
    surface of the many ways social networks can be abused, just remember that it only takes a degree of common sense to avoid becoming a victim.
    Whatever you do, like change your status, upload a video, write and publish a note,
    or just comment on another person’s message on the facebook news feed- it
    SHOWS UP in the news Feed. It doesn’t have to be 100% process
    or progress of artwork, but at least the majority should focus on those areas.

    While larger organisations have been exploiting these platforms
    to their full potential, SMEs and freelancers are also taking this advantage of this highly beneficial opportunity.

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